Today, we celebrate Steve's incredible achievement in completing the Milton Keynes marathon! Not only did he cross the finish line with determination and perseverance, but he also raised over £3,000. A huge thank you from everyone at Ups 'n' Downs, Steve! Your efforts make a significant difference, and we are deeply grateful for your support.

Steve shares, “I worry about what the future holds and what challenges are ahead for Tayla. How she will see and cope in the big wide world and how others see and treat her.

Well, there’s a group or team, a community of people that feel those same feelings so can empathise. They don’t just sit back though.  No, they train, they plan, they inform and they push for change. They do it in different ways but with the same goal. They don’t stop at 26.2 miles… they keep going!  They are Ups n Downs!

I wanted to do something and that’s why I ran a marathon. When you tell people you are running a marathon it gets their attention, I think it’s because it’s something we can all relate to. So, it was a great platform to work from and get people to watch the video. From there Tayla took over.

I booked the marathon six months before and followed a training schedule and healthy eating plan. I wanted to give it everything I had to show Tayla that we all have to work at things. 

It all went better than I could have imagined raising over £3000 and coming across the finish line in 3hrs 33min. I had great fun doing it too. In the grand scheme of things it was just a small contribution, just a small step.  But it was another step forward with Ups n Downs. 

Let's all keep it going.”

Proud member of Ups & Downs Steve (aka little old man)