Co op Cause

UpsnDowns Northamptonshire are celebrating, having been selected as a 'Co-Op Cause', part of the Co-op Local Community Fund scheme 2019/2020.

What does this mean?

For existing Co-op Members. We are asking all our wonderful supporters who are already Co-op members to select UpsnDowns as their chosen cause. You don't have to be local to Northamptonshire, you can be anywhere in the UK to support us. Just register online and choose UpsnDowns.

Please help us spread the word to as many people as you possibly can. Ask friends, family, schools and work colleagues to support our charity and please share on social media networks. Follow the link below to choose our charity as your cause.
Click here to choose UpsnDowns

If you are not a Co-op member already, you are welcome to join in order to select UpsnDowns. It costs £1 to become a Co-op member.
A membership will mean you receive 5% reward on your purchases, with 1% directly benefiting your chosen Co-op cause, plus other Co-op benefits.
Follow the link below to find out more and how to become a member.
Click here to join and support UpsnDowns

How will UpsnDowns benefit?

UpsnDowns will receive 1% spent (on Co-op products) by members who have chosen UpsnDowns up until October 2020. This includes purchases on food, funeral and legal services, anywhere in the UK.

We will be able to spend the funds raised, towards our fundraising efforts and supporting the fully funded services we deliver for our members and children such as one-to-one swimming lessons, communication therapy, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, ‘sing and sign’, educational training, and horse riding.

Our charity is run on a completely voluntary basis by a board of willing trustees, the charity’s income is wholly dependent on fundraising. Individuals, companies and our own special events have all contributed to continued growth, so being selected for this Co-op scheme is fantastic news for UpsnDowns!

Please share with your friends and family so we can get supporters far and wide to nominate UpsnDowns. The scheme ends in October 2020.

Find our Co-op page here...