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Sing and sign classes happen every week for our younger pre-school children and babies. Sessions are fully funded by UpsnDowns Northamptonshire.

Research has consistently concluded that speech in children with Down’s syndrome lags behind their understanding. In other words, when children are learning to communicate, they can understand much more than they can express through spoken language. Sing and Sign helps to bridge this gap between understanding and spoken language, improve communication and reduce frustration. It is a great way to have fun and help you and your child to learn how to communicate using Makaton signing.

If you’re unsure what Makaton signing looks like in practice, the CBeebies TV show ‘Something Special’ (starring Mr. Tumble!) is a good starting point.

What is Sing and Sign?

Developed with the help of Speech and Language experts and launched in January 2001, the "Sing and Sign" programme has since taught tens of thousands of parents across the UK how to sign with their children and encourage amazing early communication.

As a part of typical development before speech is well established, babies naturally use a combination of gestures and sounds to help their parents understand them. For example, they may point, shake their heads, clap their hands and wave "bye-bye". Sing and Sign teaches children extra gestures to help them communicate such as; milk, more, change nappy, or tired.

A wide range of signs are taught using some traditional action songs, nursery rhymes and some specially written or adapted songs. There are not too many signs within the songs, just enough to highlight the key words.

Many of our members have attended Sing and Sign since they were first introduced and offered to members by UpsnDowns. They have found them to be a relaxing, enjoyable and unpressured way to learn how to sign and to support children with their early communication.

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