Help and Advice

Advice and support for anyone involved in Ups ‘n’ Downs is always available and in many different forms...

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Greater Awareness

Society is becoming more accepting of those with disabilities however outdated prejudices still exist...

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New Experiences

We facilitate a weekly group of activities where parents and children come together to play, talk and learn...

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Ongoing Support

We provide encouragement to medical services and schools to respond positively to Downs Syndrome...

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Ups ‘n’ Downs first started to take shape late in 2006 and it has been a really exciting journey for all those involved. We have achieved much in that short time and we have grown to support more than 40+ children and their families who are ‘Ups ‘n’ Downs’.

The support we have had from businesses within the community, and the public in general has been fantastic. In March 2007 we held our first major fundraising event, which took place at Higham Ferrers Working Men’s Club and raised over £2000 with music from a local live band.  Last year we held our third fundraising dinner raising in excess of £15,000 to enable us to continue to accomplish our many objectives for our members.

Together with this fundraising, and generous donations along the way, we are able to run a number of activities to support our children’s development such as Sing and Sign, 1:1 swimming lessons, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy.

Now officially constituted as an organisation with a board of trustees, Ups ‘n’ Downs has laid out the aims of our group which you can find here.

Each of the families involved in Ups ‘n’ Downs have slightly different stories to tell but ultimately share many similar experiences and challenges.

It is these experiences that have formed the basis of our organisation where our children have flourished as a result of constant support, advice and guidance.  Whilst the Dads are involved wherever they can be, the great majority of organisation and communication falls upon the shoulders of the Mums who work tirelessly for our children.

They should take credit for the great opportunities which they have provided for the children.

But Ups ‘n’ Downs is far more than a group just for our children; it is a network which provides support and friendship for Mums, Dads, brothers, sisters and extended families.

Whether you need some one to share a developmental milestone with, someone to sound off to about a problem or just a shoulder to cry on, there is always someone there for you.

We have already achieved so much within Ups ‘n’ Downs and together we know that we can meet all the challenges which lie ahead.


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Ups ‘n’ Downs Milestones

  • Ups N Downs accepts PayPal donations and Subscriptions!
  • Ups N Downs team take part and complete Stanwick Races 10KM run
  • Ups ‘n’ Downs inaugurated in 2006
  • First Fundraiser March 2007
  • Raised £2000 in one evening
  • Members now stand at over 20 families