I relocated to Burton Latimer from Windsor in Berkshire in 2004 with my husband and first born.  She is now 15 and has twin sisters who are13!  We love Burton Latimer but are lucky enough to still be frequent visitors to Windsor as our families still live there and we still have strong links with our now, ‘not so local’ football club, Windsor FC!

I have the extremely rewarding job of working as a Teaching Assistant in a local Primary school, which is how I became linked with the UpsnDowns charity.  I had the pleasure of working with two amazing children who have Down’s syndrome, one of which had a direct link with the charity and whose parents asked me to join the charity as a trustee. 

As a previous vice chair on a governing body in a school, I hope to have gained some of the qualities and skills which are needed in my role as Trustee.   

I have a passion for learning, whether I am helping others or learning myself.  Seeing any child flourish with a smile on their faces when they realise, they can do it, is a great feeling and makes my job worthwhile.

I look forward to being part of a team striving for the very best provisions and experiences and for our children.  I hope to meet some of you soon, if I haven’t already.