Our baby’s not a ‘Downs child,’

He is a child with ‘Downs.’
The wording is important
to eliminate the frowns.

When he was born it was a shock,
you wonder how you’ll cope.
How can this have happened?
You worry, but there’s hope.

Very soon you realise
your baby’s very special.
He turns your routine upside down,
your life becomes eventful.

His first smile’s so important,
so is his first word.
His first step is a milestone,
he is undeterred.

He approaches every challenge
with enthusiasm.
An inspiration to us all,
more photos for the album.

You simply change your goals,
discover a new place.
Your child will teach you gratitude
for whatever you might face.

You discover Ups ‘n’ Downs,
a Support Group run by parents.
They’ll advise you how to cope,
develop some forbearance.

They’ll help you come to terms,
tell you what they’ve achieved.
There’s no one better you can ask
than those with similar needs.

As time goes by you’ll wonder
how you lived before.
He’s enriched your life beyond compare,
a child, you adore.