So many people within an extended familiy can be affected by the arrival of a child with Down’s syndrome.

We hope our stories help shed some light and help you with your issues. These are our own experiences and they reflect what we have seen and done over the past months and years with particular focus on our beautiful children.

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Your Stories…

We would be really interested to hear how you have been affected by the arrival of your child with Down’s syndrome. You may find it difficult or “weird” at first to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard, but if and when you gain that confidence, you’ll find space here for your story. Your stories become perfect testimonials to the experiences of so many parents and carers of children with Down’s syndrome. If you feel you would like your story told through our website, to help others and allow you to share your situation, then you can send them to us and we will add them to the site.

How To…

We’ve kept it nice and simple for you to contribute to Ups N Downs. We understand how busy you will probably be so we don’t dictate one way or the other – just use the way that works best for you!

  • As hand written stories
  • These are just fine, as long as we can read them and transcribe them we will have no problem. Before we ‘publish’ your story, to be sure we have it 100% right for you, we will email or print a hard copy for you to approve. Then, simply leave the rest to us.
  • By Email (with or without photos or text attachments)
  • These are easy to add to the site. Simply email your story to us. You can write your story straight into the body of the email or you can attach a document containing the story – with or without pictures. Send the email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. – we’ll do the rest.
  • Use our “Contribute My Story” form below
  • If you have your story ready on your PC, simply fill in the form, copy the your story text and paste it into the “Paste Your Story into this box!” space on the form. Then press “Send Story” and your story is sent to us. You will receive a “Thank you” email automatically – we do the rest.