There follows a news item from the Northants Telegraph from March 2007

A GROUP which was started to support parents who have children with Down's Syndrome is hoping to gain charity status so it can help more families in the future.

Ups and Downs was set up six months ago.

Group member Karen Smith, 38, of Stanwick, said: “It is a lifeline. We are there to share experiences, support each other and let people know they are not alone.”

Mrs Smith said one of the most annoying things for families is the language some people use in relation to children with Down’s Syndrome.

She said: “It is not a disease or an illness, it is something children are born with.

“They are first and foremost children who happen to have Down’s Syndrome and should definitely not be referred to as Down’s kids.”

Tom Rees, 29, is also a member of the group and said it had been of tremendous help to him.

He said: “The best support is from people who feel the same things.

“When our son Freddy was born the best support was speaking with other parents who have children with Down’s Syndrome.

“It is a great help and encouragement to see other children who are slightly older than Freddy doing so well.

“It is very reassuring and encouraging.”