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Advice and support for anyone involved in Ups ‘n’ Downs is always available and in many different forms...

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Greater Awareness

Society is becoming more accepting of those with disabilities however outdated prejudices still exist...

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New Experiences

We facilitate a weekly group of activities where parents and children come together to play, talk and learn...

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Ongoing Support

We provide encouragement to medical services and schools to respond positively to Downs Syndrome...

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Early-Communication-Skills-Children-syndromeAmazon Synopsis: Children with Down’s syndrome have a wide range of speech and language abilities, and most need the help of a speech-language pathologist (SLP) beginning at birth to maximise communication development.

Early Communication Skills for Children with Down’s syndrome explains the role of a SLP, the stages of communication development, and how certain characteristics of Down’s syndrome, such as low muscle tone, hearing loss, and cognitive delays, can slow progression of those skills.

Delays can lead to frustration and other problems for children who do not have intelligible speech until age 2 or later. This new book is the updated, expanded edition of Communication Skills in Children with Down’s syndrome. It focuses on speech and language development from birth through the stage of making 3-word phrases, which is often around kindergarten age, but can occur later.

This book offers parents a wealth of information on intelligibility issues, hearing loss, apraxia (difficulty planning oral-motor movements), and other factors that affect communication for children with Down’s syndrome. It explains how to prepare for and understand the results of a speech-language assessment, and goes on to describe what to expect in the years ahead when a child enters elementary school.

Throughout the new edition, the author incorporates the latest research on Down’s syndrome and communication development. She has added new chapters on augmentative and alternative communication and other high- and low-tech supplemental communication options, as well as articulation, and literacy (how reading aids in the learning of language, speech, and auditory skills). New checklists on evaluating and treating speech problems, and numerous home activities designed to help children master each stage of communication development have also been added


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