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Advice and support for anyone involved in Ups ‘n’ Downs is always available and in many different forms...

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Greater Awareness

Society is becoming more accepting of those with disabilities however outdated prejudices still exist...

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New Experiences

We facilitate a weekly group of activities where parents and children come together to play, talk and learn...

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Ongoing Support

We provide encouragement to medical services and schools to respond positively to Downs Syndrome...

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finemotorskillsAmazon Synopsis: The updated (2007) and expanded 2nd edition of “Fine Motor Skills in Children with Down’s syndrome” continues to be a popular, practical guide to understanding fine motor skills in children with Down’s syndrome and helping them develop these skills from birth through early adolescence.

The first edition won a Parent’s Choice Award in 1999. The author, an occupational therapist who has worked extensively with children with Down’s syndrome, is also the parent of a teenager with Down’s syndrome.

She offers parents and professionals dozens of easy, home-and school-based activities, illustrated with black and white photos, which help children gradually acquire the skills they need for fine motor development.

Readers learn how to incorporate work on fine motor skills into everyday activities and routines and to emphasise tasks that children can use throughout life – play, self-help, printing, cutting with scissors, and computer use. New to this edition is a chapter on sensory processing and how the sensory system affects behaviour and learning in children with Down’s syndrome.

Parents learn strategies that can help children handle various sensory problems so they can continue to learn daily living skills. Bruni includes new information on determining when a child is ready for ‘pre-printing’ activities (things a child can do to prepare for trying to print letters) and how to introduce related concepts (up and down; top and bottom; start and stop; left and right).

The 2nd edition also includes more information on ways to help children learn self-help skills, such as dressing, using a fork and spoon, and becoming potty trained. This new and improved edition gives parents and professionals the expertise and confidence they need to help children build fine motor abilities and become more independent.

This book is useful for parents of children with Down’s syndrome, early intervention specialists, occupational and physical therapists, and teachers.


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